John Menage

'Snow at Westernbirt'

'Green Park Station'

'WIicklow Mountain Bridge Ireland'

'WIicklow Mountain Bridge Ireland'

John Menage is a retired architect, who has since an early age, had an interest in drawing and painting and in particular painting in watercolours. 

His inspiration for his free flowing and spontaneous watercolours comes from time spent in the Mediterranean areas of Italy and Greece. In particular his paintings are often of coastal views and are inspired by the unusual interaction of colours reflected in water, boats and buildings and the play of sunlight on buildings and landscapes. 

He has exhibited in Bath, Bristol and Dublin galleries. A frequent subject are views of historic buildings.

Recently (in 2017) he has been awarded winner of the Mayor of Baths Art Show for the following prize: The best painting illustrating a recognisable image of our lovely city.


Phone: 07549 947832
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