Bear flat map v 2.jpg

We are always pleased to welcome new local artists into the group, whether or not they want to take part in the Open Studios Art Trail. 

Please find on the map below a darkly-shaded area which shows the eligible area for joining the Bear Flat Artists. The lighter-shaded area outside this is a discretionary area. 

Open Studios:

• Any artist is very welcome to show in their own home if they live within the designated area.

• Artists living outside the area are eligible if they have been invited to show in the home of an artist who lives within the designated area. 

• Artists living in the designated area who do not want to show in their home can do so in a public space.

• Others living very close can apply and be allocated a place if available.

If you would like to join, or would like more information, please email or send a message via our Facebook page.