'Christ Pantocrator'

'St Magnus of Orkney'



Tamara is an iconographer. She paints traditional Christian sacred images – icons using egg tempera. Her work is inspired by the 15th and 16th cent. Russian schools of iconography: Moscow, Novgorod, Pskov, as well as Byzantine art of the Paleologan Renaissance. She explores the universal pictorial language of icons and the expressive potential of natural materials.

She has fulfilled private as well as public commissions in this country and abroad.

Tamara also studied mosaic making in Ravenna, using the double-reverse technique.  She makes hand-cut marble and smalti mosaics.

Since January Tamara has been running iconography workshops on Mondays (term time only), 10am-4pm.

Email: t.penwell.icons@gmail.com
Phone: (01225)315028 Mob: 07505243074