Yvonne Elston

'Garden Doves'


'Concordia - Raku'

An array of individually decorated ceramic birds to brighten up the home or garden.

Our fascination with birds spreads across cultures and ages. Yvonne’s designs are loosely inspired by Scandinavian folk birds, and mid-century bird illustrations. Her 2D pieces are decorated freehand, ensuring every piece is unique.

Yvonne’s 3D work explores the bird form in a pared down way to look at how curves interact. She uses a range of firing techniques - her own glazes, smoke-firing and the ancient Japanese ‘raku’ firing method - red hot work is transferred to a sawdust bin producing a beautiful crackle effect.

Email: yvonne-elston@tiscali.co.uk
Phone: 07714 022963
Social Media: Facebook- Yvonne Elston Ceramics

2019 Trail Details
Venue No.:
Showing at: 30 Longfellow Avenue, BA2 4SJ